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The right help at the right time makes all the difference

Jim McEwen's  first teacher, Isobel Rose, helped him catch up quickly after a late entry to school following a family quarantine during a polio outbreak in 1954.

In grade eight, after a botched experiment and banishment from the laboratory, Jim received support from another encouraging teacher who ultimately led him to his career path in science. Jim believes strongly that the right help at the right time can be very influential.

Now a highly-successful biomedical engineer, world-renowned inventor and adjunct university professor, Jim is delighted to pay it forward.

The McEwen Family Charitable Trust supports numerous causes in health and education. SFU is the grateful recipient of two awards established by Jim and his family.

The first award recognizes an outstanding public high school math or science teacher. The second award supports an exceptional incoming SFU first-year math or science student with a coveted entrance scholarship.

The joy of helping others motivates Jim and his family to donate to SFU. 

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