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Helping students juggle textbooks and parenthood

“Creating this bursary is one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life.”
It was the 1980s and Janis Horne was a single mom with two young sons. She had attended SFU in the past and was thrilled to come back to campus as a staff member – she also welcomed the opportunity to complete her undergraduate degree. Balancing work, school and family, Janis persevered and graduated with her first degree in 1988. 
In her position at the university, Janis was aware of the impact financial help had on students’ lives. When her mom passed away, as a tribute, Janis and her dad decided to donate to SFU and create a student bursary for single parents, knowing firsthand the challenges faced by parents in the pursuit of their education. 
Janis devoted 22 years of her career to SFU, and though she's no longer working on campus, she and her family continue to be overwhelmed with gratitude that the student award they established has been bolstered by the support of numerous SFU alumni, staff, faculty and friends. 
Today, the Horne Family Bursary Endowment Fund is able to help at least ten single parents each year.
Janis understands the obstacles faced by students juggling textbooks and parenthood – many of them invisible to peers and professors – and is glad that the award continues to take some of the pressure off this vulnerable group.
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