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Sports Analytics Award for Indigenous Students in Science

The Sports Analytics Award for Indigenous Students in Science supports students who identify as Indigenous that want to further their education with the goal of working in the science of sport, be it through statistics, physiology and kinesiology, or another discipline. Donate today to help build a more inclusive community within the faculty of science.

Sports Analytics stands at the intersection of two historically exclusive fields, both of which consistently overlook under-privileged voices.

Having noticed a gap in representation, SFU alumni Matt Reyers, Meyappan Subbaiah, Dani Chu and Lucas Wu decided to work together to change the imbalance of racial representation in the workforce. They believe it starts with a university education and have created the Sports Analytics Award for Indigenous Students in Science to address representation of Indigenous students within the faculty. 

The purpose of this award is to provide opportunities to those who have been historically excluded from the industry of sports analytics, as follows:

  • Help financially support diverse students in their education in the faculty of science
  • Help connect diverse students with opportunities in the world of sports analytics
  • Promote sports analytics as a practical career path for diverse students and enable them to explore the many applications of science
  • Encourage excitement in science for diverse students through the world of sports 

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Donation Impact

You can be the difference for a student who may be facing barriers as they pursue a university education. Your gift will make a direct impact on an Indigenous student who is in the Faculty of Science.

Join us in taking real action to drive a more racially inclusive faculty and field.

For U.S. Donors
If you are a U.S. donor, you will receive a Canadian tax receipt.  SFU alumni and family of alumni can use a Canadian tax receipt against income in the U.S. To receive a U.S. tax receipt, gifts must be made by cheque or wire transfer, made payable to Friends of SFU. If you have any further questions please contact Levon Mayilyan at levon_mayilyan@sfu.ca or 778.782.9407.