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SFU Men's Soccer Trip to Norway!

SFU’s student-athletes and coaching staff have an opportunity to travel to Norway for the preseason in August 2023! As always, the success of the team is possible because of donors like you—members of a community of generous boosters rooting for SFU students, and providing the essential financial support they need to train, travel and be the best they can. Please donate today and help our talented team experience this once in a lifetime opportunity!

After a successful 2022 season, our student-athletes are more than ready to ramp up and compete again. This year, the Simon Fraser University (SFU) Men's Soccer Team is going to Norway for a preseason competition in August 2023! Our talented athletes have the chance to train and compete against some of the top clubs in Norway—but we need your help.

In order to make sure every student-athlete can go to Norway, we are asking for your support. You can be the difference in the opportunity of a lifetime for student-athletes by making a donation to help support the trip! 

Our student-athletes will get to experience a different culture and many European Alumni will have the opportunity to connect with their alma mater. Your support would mean that every talented team member who has worked so hard this season will get the chance to go,...read more

Donation Impact

With your gift to the SFU Men’s Soccer Fund today, you will create a once in a lifetime opportunity for each student-athlete ensuring that no student-athlete on the team is left behind from having this experience. Our students will get to experience what it’s like to train and compete against some of the top clubs in Norway.