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RR25 Legacy Project

25 years after the Rwandan genocide, Rwandans have reformed their society through reconstruction and reconciliation. Your gift will support the Institute for Diaspora Research and Engagement in researching ways the Rwandan development model can foster reconciliation in Canada.

Between April 7th and June 30th 1994, more than 800,000 Rwandans were slaughtered because they were born Tutsi, or because they were Hutus who refused to buy into the ethnic cleansing ideology. 25 years later, Rwandans have worked hard to transform their society from a failed state into a success story that others can emulate. Your gift to the Institute for Diaspora Research and Engagement will help bring the lessons learned from this success story to our community as we look for creative ways to foster reconciliation in Canada.

The significance of 25 years of reconstruction and reconciliation in Rwanda calls for the creation of a legacy project to preserve historical memory and build understanding through deliberate community development action. Simon Fraser University’s Institute for Diaspora Research and Engagement (IDRE), in collaboration with Hogan’s Alley Society and Building Bridges with Rwanda is building a plan to convene a bi-annual conference that will bring academics, civil society, businesses, and other change-agents to engage in a dialogue. At ...read more