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Healing Maryam Dengelat (HEAL)

Your gift will help bring a trauma counselling team to the people of Maryam Dengelat in Eastern Tigray, Ethiopia.
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In November of 2020, at the beginning of the current conflict in Ethiopia, the Orthodox Church of Maryam Dengelat in Eastern Tigray was the scene of a massacre. While hundreds were celebrating an annual religious festival, a group of soldiers opened fire on the church. Many lives were lost and families were torn apart. 

Healing Maryam Dengelat (HEAL) is a project of the Faculty of Environment at Simon Fraser University (SFU). This project aims to bring trauma counselling specialists to the people of Maryam Dengelat in Eastern Tigray.

The HEAL counselling team consists of Hagos Gebremariam a Tigrayan social worker from Adigrat University in Tigray and Brenton Diaz, a Canadian registered social worker and trauma therapist. The counselling team will identify ten social services community leaders who will be trained on trauma theory and service provision. Principles on trauma and mental health will be evaluated through the lens of Tigrayan culture to ensure it is suitable for the local population. After working with Maryam...read more

Donation Impact

Your gift will help bring a trauma counselling team to support the people of Maryam Dengelat after a traumatic event in November 2020. Our goal is to initially raise $15,000 to enable Maryam Dengelat residents to participate in trauma counselling. 

If we do not reach our goal, we will use the funds to run a reduced program or, donate the money directly to the Maryam Dengelat Church for them to use their programs in support of the residents living in the area.