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Department of Gerontology 40th Anniversary Fund

As we celebrate 40 years of gerontology at SFU, give your support to the next generation of outstanding students.

"Without this generous support, I would not have followed through with returning to upgrade my education after some years as a professional working in long-term care. Awards have helped keep me motivated and reinforce that my voice, ideas, and academic creativity has value."
-    Cari, SFU Gerontology student

For some students, donor support can make the vital difference in their success at university. Knowing there is a community out there rooting for you—and helping you achieve your goals—can be priceless motivation.

We are fortunate that the SFU gerontology program has, since its creation in 1983, grown to be the largest in Canada. With an international reputation, the department attracts students from across Canada and around the world—and it is vital we do all we can to enable them to succeed.

We are living at a historic time of population aging. We will need to make significant changes to our health and social systems to make the most of this demographic shift. SFU gerontology gives students a strong interdisciplinary experience that incorporates social and health sciences. Alumni of the progra...read more

Donation Impact

Students in SFU’s Gerontology program have the potential to make a difference in all our lives. They are some of the best, most committed minds in this field in Canada. But—like all students—they often face barriers that can hold them back from achieving their potential.

Your gift to the Department of Gerontology 40th Anniversary Fund will empower outstanding gerontology students at SFU to make the most of their studies—and to improve lives in all our communities.