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You know it's true. Donors are really good people.

Donor and student
"Spending my inheritance on a named award was so gratifying." - Ruth Silverman (pictured left with BOT student Rajvir Nagra)

A few years ago, Ruth’s parents passed away within two months of each other. But through her grief, she found a sense of purpose. 

Ruth works in the Back on Track (BOT) program at SFU. She helps students who are struggling to pass their courses and stay in university.  She understands how they feel – the shame and insecurity that comes with feeling like a failure. 

Ruth withdrew in her first year of university. But with support, she enrolled again, and eventually graduated top of her faculty at Carleton University. She received the University Medal in Social Sciences and the recognition gave her a much-needed boost in confidence. She then went on to complete her Master's in Education at SFU. 

Ruth wanted her BOT students to receive similar recognition for their achievements. When her parents passed away, she soon realized that her inheritance was an opportunity to bring her BOT award to life. And, more than that, it was a meaningful way to honour her parents who had provided so much support while she pursued her education.  She created the Saul N. and Deanna Silverman Memorial Scholarship and Back on Track Award.  

Yes, our donors really are good people. 


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