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Computing science research enriches undergraduate experience

Born and raised on Vancouver Island, Jesse Elliott always pursued his interests with dedication. In his elementary school years, this meant a black belt in Tae Kwon Do by age 12. Later, he turned his attention to music and mathematics, moving to Toronto to immerse himself in the electroacoustic music scene. After returning to B.C. to start his studies in SFU's joint mathematics and computing science program, Jesse set his sights on undergraduate research.

In his first year, Jesse was recognized with two achievement certificates in symbolic logic. One was for additional work done in class. Though the work wasn't required, it helped him find an initial focus for his undergraduate research. The following year, Jesse received the Paul Vicol Award in Computing Science, which inspired him to continue towards his goal and seek out additional research opportunities and a topic for his honours thesis, this time in computer algebra.

Jesse is very grateful for Paul's support. The student award helped him pay for course textbooks and other necessities, but most importantly, it afforded him the chance to spend time developing essential research skills.

About the opportunity, Jesse - who plans to continue on in a Master's degree program after graduation - says, "it was very enriching. My research positions helped me understand and experience the process up close and have encouraged me to keep exploring in my field."