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Life and Love with HIV

Life and Love with HIV is a community-driven project of the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University, in partnership with the International Community of Women Living with HIV. This project aims to address HIV stigma and support sexual health and rights by normalizing sex and intimacy for women and couples living with HIV. 

New science shows that antiretroviral therapy drastically improves life expectancy and with sustained viral suppression, effectively prevents HIV transmission, reducing the risk to zero. 

To counter discourses of risk and stigma, we are creating the world's first online resource dedicated to de-stigmatizing sexuality and relationships with HIV by shifting the focus from risk to pleasure. Content will include critical and engaging stories by, with, and for affected communities and backed by the latest research.

Donations in support of Life and Love HIV will support operating costs such as staffing, engaging and mentoring community writers, web hosting, content development, outreach programs and more.

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