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Life and Love with HIV

www.lifeandlovewithhiv.ca destigmatizes HIV and supports wellness by sharing research and personal stories from women living with HIV. Your gift will support the project's operating costs and allows community writers to receive mentorship and compensation for their work.
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Goal: $15,000

The past decade has seen remarkable advances in the medical treatment of HIV. It is now possible for people living with HIV to take one pill each day, and have a full life, free of side effects and zero risk of HIV transmission to their partners. But culturally, we are still playing catch-up.

Life and Love with HIV is a community-driven project of the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University, in partnership with ViVA Women and the International Community of Women Living with HIV. This project aims to lessen HIV stigma and support the sexual health, happiness, and human rights of women and couples living with HIV globally.

Each year, we mentor and support six community writers from around the world. Together, we share all kinds of stories about living and loving with HIV—the heartfelt, the funny, the sad, the compelling, and the thought-provoking.

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Donation Impact

Your gift will provide ongoing training, mentorship, and compensation to community writers, empowering them with the tools and skills to share their stories. These stories are important for de-stigmatizing sexuality and relationships with HIV. In addition, gifts support the project’s operating costs (eg. Staffing, web hosting and support, community engagement and mentorships), so it may remain a free resource for all.

The beautiful content and design of our website depends on the labour of our community, which includes writers, activists, bloggers, artists, and scholars from around the world.

It is our hope to reach the $15,000 necessary to make this project available for a third year. On behalf of our team and the communities we serve, we extend our sincerest thanks for your generous support.