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Faculty of Applied Sciences

With a rich, interdisciplinary history of innovation, Simon Fraser University’s Faculty of Applied Sciences (FAS) cultivates technology leaders, focusing on vital research like preventing brain and spinal injuries and advancing sustainable energy solutions in various fields including cleantech, transportation, smart manufacturing, and agritech. With strengths in biomedical engineering, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and visual computing, FAS boasts the university's largest co-op program. Our students are not only equipped with the technical abilities to thrive in any industry, but also the mindset to create and use technology for social good.

By the numbers

  • 4471 undergraduate students
  • 718 graduate students
  • 126 faculty members,
  • 5 Canada Research Chairs
  • 4 schools with dynamic researchers and academic programs
  • 5 research centres and institutes


FAS’s School of Computing Science celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2023 and is one of Canada’s most established and respected computing science programs in the world. In the fields of computer science education and computer vision and graphics especially, we continually score well according to the independent Computer Science Rankings.

The School of Mechatronics is now home to a new Smart Manufacturing Hub that will help revolutionize traditional manufacturing processes, provide space for innovation and train the next generation of the industry's workforce.

FAS researchers and alumni are making important contributions in their fields, including but not limited to building diversity and equity in STEM education, advancing biomedical technology or software security, and cross-disciplinary innovations to help address climate resilience, human health and sustainability.


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Karina Chow
Director of Advancement, Faculty of Applied Sciences

Katie Hearn
Senior Associate Director of Advancement, Faculty of Applied Sciences


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Karina Chow

Director, Advancement
Faculty of Applied Sciences


Katie Hearn

Senior Associate Director, Advancement
Faculty of Applied Sciences