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Friends of Simon Tutoring Project


Imagine a recently immigrated child, with little or no formal education, placed in a classroom where they're not able to understand others and unable to express themselves. Imagine the anxiety, frustration, or isolation this child might feel.

You have the power to improve that child’s life.

The Friends of Simon program connects empathic, high-achieving SFU students with children and youth needing extra support with language and literacy skills. Friends of Simon program provides a foundation for children to grow and be successful both inside and outside the classroom.

“I believe that everyone is a hero and can save the world. I think it’s in me to help others… If it weren’t for the people that helped us, we wouldn’t be where we are.” - Margaret Anteros, former Friends of Simon student

Donate now and help recently immigrated children and youth reach their full potential. With your generosity, we can create classrooms that are full of children who are confidence, curious and excited about learning!

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