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'Tis the season for giving

SFU philanthropy

The kindness and generosity of our donor community helps to improve lives and propels SFU’s efforts to shape a sustainable, just and inclusive society.

Please consider making a difference in your community—and getting the advantage of a 2021 tax receipt—by making your gift online by December 31, 2021. If sending a cheque, please ensure the envelope is postmarked by the same date. 


Three positive effects of charitable giving


Small donations have a big impact

It's true, every little bit counts! Not everyone can donate large sums of money at once, however, every donation adds up. If 10 people each give $100, that's enough to generate a meaningful award for an SFU student in financial need.


Mood boost

Business magnate and philanthropist Warren Buffet has suggested that donating money is a great way to enhance emotional well-being. Increasingly, this is backed up by research including a study by SFU professor Lara Aknin that demonstrates how prosocial behaviours—such as spending money to benefit others—lead to more happiness.


Tax relief

SFU is a registered charity. As such, all donations over $10 receive a tax receipt that can be used  to claim tax credits when filing your income tax return.


Please note that the university will be closed from December 25 - January 3, 2022, reopening on Tuesday, January 4. Thank you!


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