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SFU Swimming & Diving Fund

The student-athletes and coaching staff remain laser-focused on a successful season, because they know there is a community out there rooting for them, and providing the essential financial support they need to train, travel and be the best they can. Please donate today and be the difference for our amazing swimming and diving team.

Despite the enforced break from competition in the previous year and a half, our last season was successful. We had 33 school records and a national record at Nationals. We won one gold metal and 2 silver metals—and every swimmer who swam at the nationals had their best swim time. 

But now we have a new season ahead, and the challenge is to go even better. Our Swimming & Diving teams are working hard, and through grit and self-discipline are showing us their desire to keep improving. The return to competition brought a new set of challenges for everyone to navigate. With increased travel costs and COVID-19 testing, the support we received from donors helped make sure our teams were able to perform.

The SFU Swimming & Diving team is committed to providing an exceptional student-athlete journey—something that is key to the recruitment of the best talent. This means providing a first-class experience so that students can bring their best every day. From healthy meals and accommodation on the road, to academic supports and training equipment. But securing funding to meet these ambitions is difficult. 

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Donation Impact

With a gift to the SFU Swimming & Diving Fund you will create a great student-athlete experience, supporting the very best athletes to attend and compete for SFU, as well as empowering them to perform at their peak. In addition, donors like you help to give our teams essential equipment, and the ability to travel and train safely.

In sports, the margin between success and failure can be tiny—but success is always a team effort. When you are part of the team, your contribution can be the one that makes the difference.