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The Canadian Drug Policy Coalition

You can help ensure the voices of those on the front line of the overdose crisis are heard—and for a limited time your gift will be matched, meaning you will have double the impact!

It might not seem like it—but we are making important progress in the fight against the overdose crisis. Continued donor support is vital to keeping up the momentum.

Over the past year, the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition’s (CDPC) Imagine Safe Supply research project has spent time on the ground listening to the people who use drugs, and the frontline health workers who support them. Their lived experience is essential to the successful roll out of any safe supply policy. 

Now it’s time for their voices to be heard.

At the CDPC, we believe safe supply is the best answer to this crisis. Safe supply means access to drugs that come from a regulated and tested source where we know what is in a drug and what potency it has. Safe supply has a goal of reducing the risks of drug use by creating access to an uncontaminated supply of drugs.

Led by the CDPC, the Imagine Safe Supply research project has two key goals:

  • Community-based research to explore real life experiences from people on the front line—which we have now completed!
  • To share the knowledge gained from this unique research with policymakers, to ensu...read more

Donation Impact

At the CDPC, we believe that safe supply is a critical part of the response to the overdose crisis. 

By making a gift today, you will support vital research and advocacy to help move Canadian drug policy away from criminalization and toward human rights and public health. You will ensure the voices of those on the frontline of this crisis are not only heard, but listened to by those who shape safe supply policies in the future. Their input is vital—and you can help them be heard.

Your support for CDPC, and the Imagine Safe Supply project, will help move the conversation in Canada towards pragmatic, evidence-based solutions with the potential to save thousands of lives per year in Canada.

Please make your gift today.

“This project enabled me to imagine more than just safer supply programs: it led me to imagine a place for myself in academia and a career in research. This project laid a path for me. Now all I have to do is walk it!”

Read more from Phoenix Beck McGreevy’s blog post about the impact CDPC’s research has already on the community members involved in the research