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The Canadian Drug Policy Coalition

Your gift will help make possible research and advocacy with the power to change the lives of people at risk of overdose in the community.

The drug poisoning crisis is unrelenting. But, through advocacy and unique research, the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition (CDPC) is fighting to change this—and in the past 12 months we have seen genuine progress. 

This year, both the Vancouver and British Columbia governments have applied to Health Canada for legal exemptions that would allow them to decriminalize the simple possession of substances. Public perceptions are shifting, too. But there is still much to do before we start seeing the impact of these changes on the ground. 

According to British Columbia’s chief coroner, drug toxicity is the leading cause of unnatural death in the province. Our Imagine Safe Supply project is focused on urgent research to change that. 

Safe supply means access to drugs that come from a regulated and tested source where we know what is in a drug and what potency it has. Safe supply has a goal of reducing the risks of drug use by creating access to an uncontaminated supply of drugs.

Led by the CDPC, the Imagine Safe Supply research project has two key goals:

  • Community-based research to explore real life exper...read more

Donation Impact

At the CDPC, we believe that safe supply is a critical part of the response to overdose crisis. 

By making a gift today, you will support vital research and advocacy to help move Canadian drug policy away from criminalization and toward human rights and public health. You will ensure the voices of those on the frontline of this crisis are not only heard, but listened to by those who shape safe supply policies in the future. Their input is vital—and you can help them be heard.

Your support for CDPC, and the Imagine Safe Supply project, will help move the conversation in Canada towards pragmatic, evidence-based solutions with the potential to save thousands of lives per year in Canada.

Please make your gift today.