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SFU’s endowment: advancing an inclusive and sustainable future

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Endowments build a legacy of support that links generations and allow institutions like SFU to make commitments far into the future, knowing that stable and enduring funding will be available to meet those commitments.

The SFU endowment is designed for the collection of assets held in perpetuity to support the university’s mission and activities—and the vision and values of our donors. The endowment is comprised of individual endowment principal accounts, each representing the original value of the donation and additions made for inflation and other capitalized amounts.

The SFU endowment is responsibly invested to support students, propel research, further community engagement and drive projects and programs made possible through the generosity of donors. By investing in the SFU endowment and providing stable, renewable funding, donors empower us in advancing an inclusive and sustainable future for all.

The following new endowments and testamentary endowments were established recently to advance the vision of donors like you and the university:



  • Arlene James Bursary in the Contemporary Arts Endowment
  • Bacchi Kunwari Memorial Scholarship for Women in STEM Endowment
  • Boivie Famiy Award Endowment Fund
  • Dave Sukhdip Singh Hayer and Marie Isabelle Martinez Hayer Bursary in Journalism Endowment
  • Dr. Aimee August Award in indigenous Language Proficiency Endowment
  • Dr. Eva Voigt Graduate Award in Science for Mentoring Leadership Endowment
  • Dr. Ruby Peter Graduate Award in Indigenous Language Proficiency Endowment
  • Ellen Loosley Memorial Graduate Bursary in Chemistry and Physics Endowment
  • Evelyn Pinkerton Endowment Fund
  • Indigenous Curriculum Development and Student Experience in Faculty of Education
  • Jitendra Kumar Mundra Memorial Award for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students Endowment
  • Kailash Kumari & Anand Narayan Memorial Endowed Award for Students with Blindness or Limited Vision
  • Krishna Devi Memorial Scholarship for Women in STEM Endowment
  • Nancy E. Joyce Bursary in Criminology Endowment
  • SFU Galleries Curator Indigenous Projects Endowment
  • SFU Woodward’s Cultural Programs
  • Simons Foundation Canada International Travel Award Endowment
  • Society of Notaries Public of BC Endowed Professorship in Applied Legal Studies
  • Special Collections Print Culture Research Award Endowment
  • Sumitra Devi & Girja Kishore Memorial Leadership Athletic Award
  • WestGrid Truth and Reconciliation Fund
  • William G. Davidson Accounting Award


  • Anne Toby and Charles Kemp Scholarship Endowment

  • Salish Weave Chair in Salish Art Practices Endowment

  • Staehli Excellence Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship
  • William B. Johnston Graduate Scholarship in Theoretical Computing Science
  • Wosk-McDonald Aldine Collection

We are grateful to all our supporters for the important investment you have entrusted with SFU, and are pleased to share more details about the SFU endowment in the following report.

If you have any questions about your endowment, please contact Paula Tylor, Director, Recognition and Stewardship, at paula_tylor@sfu.ca.

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