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Past DCLA recipients

2017    Lis & Bruce Welch

2016    Frances & Samuel Belzberg

2015    Lorne Davies

2014    Ronald Cliff Sr.                                               

2013    Val & Dick Bradshaw                                                                                

2012    Martha Lou Henley

2011    Jacob 'Jack' Austin

2010    Carole Taylor and Art Phillips

2009    Leslie and Gordon Diamond

2008    Michael Audain

2007    Peter Bentley

2004    Jane and George Hungerford

2003    Jack W. Poole

2002    Philip W. Owen

2001    Sheahan and Gerald McGavin

2000    Michael Smith

1999    Vancouver Foundation

1998    Doris & Jack Shadbolt

1997    Carol Henriquez

1996    Young Women's Christian Association of Vancouver

1995    Barbara Rae

1995    Milton K. Wong

1994    Barbara Brink

1994    David G. McLean

1993    George Gaffney

1993    The Salvation Army

1992    Joseph Segal

1991    Jack Diamond

1990    Jack Farley

1990    Junior League of Greater Vancouver

1989    Jack P. Blaney

1988    Arthur S. Hara

1987    Elizabeth Jane & Robert G. Rogers

1986    Patrick L. Reid

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