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Uplifting students in need

Marie-Éloïse, a sprinter on the SFU track team

Surging costs of living are impacting the lives of countless people across Canada, and SFU students are no exception.

“The cost of housing in our city is unparalleled, food prices are still high, and paying for those essentials alongside tuition is really out of reach for so many deserving students,” says Tom Nault, SFU registrar and executive director of student enrolment.

According to Tom, more than 3,000 SFU students rely on bursaries for critical financial support throughout fall and spring semesters; demand is slightly less during summer semesters when enrollment is lower. Bursaries vary based upon students’ financial need, however all bursaries positively students in their ability to complete their term and work toward graduation. 

Marie-Éloïse is a fourth-year undergraduate student majoring in health sciences and minoring in Indigenous studies. She’s also a sprinter on the SFU track team, and just one of many students for whom receiving a bursary has made a big difference. 

Receiving a bursary is such a privilege,” Marie-Éloïse says. “I am very grateful for the tremendous impact of the bursary on my life as an SFU student. It provides me financial stability so that I can fully focus on my studies. I am profoundly grateful for [this] generous support.

This spring, through SFU’s annual giving campaign, generous alumni and donors like you are helping students like Marie-Éloïse.

Your support, as Tom explains, not only helps students afford basic necessities. It also removes some of the worry of financial constraints and gives students precious time to focus more on their studies and university experiences.

We are deeply grateful to all donors whose generosity ensures our students can access the support they need to succeed. Your contributions are an investment in the next generation of leaders and innovators who will drive progress, innovation, and positive change in our society.



Donations towards bursaries at SFU will be matched by SFU up to $150,000. Your gift can go towards the bursary fund of your choice. And the matched amount will go towards the SFU Annual Bursary Fund. This includes new monthly donations—one of the best ways to support SFU students.

Your monthly gift provides reliable and consistent funding for SFU student bursaries. And for the first year, your gifts will be doubled. For example:

  • A gift of $20/month will turn into $480 for the year for student bursaries.
  • Or, $50/month for a year will amount to $1,200 for student bursaries.