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SFU Quidditch

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About SFU Quidditch

SFU Quidditch is the most magical group on campus. We are a Club Team run entirely by students and we need your support!

This year, the Quidditch Canada National Championships are in Hamilton, which marks the third time in four years they have been held in Ontario. We’ve had to pass on the last two, but this year we want to fly (in more ways than one) and show that we are one of the top young teams to come out of the west. To get there we need to raise $5,000 by January 20, 2019.

SFU Quidditch was founded in 2013, and the most common reaction by people upon hearing that SFU has a quidditch team is, “Wait, this is for real?” The answer is yes!  We are a relatively new sport club on campus, which makes sense considering the game adapted from Harry Potter got started in Canada about ten years ago.  Quidditch is the only full-contact co-ed sport available, and SFU has quietly been one of the top teams in Western Canada for a few years. 

Holding the designation of a “Club Team," SFU Quidditch does not receive the funding equal or even close to that of other high-level athletics teams at the school. Naturally, this presents financial obstacles for our student-run program. We've traditionally covered costs on our own, but this time we need a little help.

With your support, we'll be able to fly on discount airlines out to Ontario next March. Should we be lucky enough to raise more than our goal, those funds can help with other expenses such as hotel costs, car rentals, checked luggage, and even food and other supplies at the tournament.

We're incredibly thankful for anything you would be willing to donate to our scrappy underdog team. Each and every donation will play an integral role in our mission to improve this program with the ultimate goal of providing our athletes with the chance they need for success.

From everyone at SFU Quidditch, thank you!



Video created by Nathan Ross using archive footage from Quidditch Canada
Music provided by ben-sounds.com