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Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science consists of eight departments that introduce students to the wonders of the natural world, from infinitesimally small subatomic particles to the vastness of the universe. Students choose their course of study from 30 programs that span the science spectrum from climate change to unlocking a strand of DNA and everything in between.

We conduct innovative research in traditional areas such as biomedical science, earth science, physics, biology, chemistry and mathematics. In addition, we embrace modern scientific fields of inquiry such as actuarial science, bioinformatics and management and systems science.

Faculty highlights

  • 306 faculty members, 17 Canada Research Chairs
  • 4,611 undergraduate students, 575 graduate students
  • Recent breakthrough inventions include: the bedbug trap, Lungpacer (to prevent diaphragm atrophy and help patients wean from ventilators) and Bionic Power (an energy harvesting technology currently being tested by the U.S. military)