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Faculty of Science

A founding faculty at Simon Fraser University, the Faculty of Science consists of eight departments cultivating innovative research, student learning, and widespread understanding about the natural world— from the smallest of subatomic particles to the incalculable vastness of the universe and everything in between.

Our students choose their course of study from 30 dynamic programs and our renowned scholars conduct original research in traditional areas such as biomedical science, earth science, physics, biology, chemistry and mathematics. We also embrace modern scientific fields of inquiry such as actuarial science, bioinformatics and management and systems science.


By the numbers

4155 undergraduate students

581 graduate students

250 faculty members,

17 Canada Research Chairs

7 Endowed chairs

9 Research centres, Clusters and Institutes



  • Biological Sciences
  • Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology
  • Chemistry
  • Earth Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
  • Physics
  • Statistics and Actuarial Science



The Faculty of Science is home to vibrant engagement initiatives like Starry Nights at Trottier Observatory and Café Scientifique, and top-ranked programs like actuarial science and sports analytics. Alongside many advanced research centers, clusters, institutes, and unique, cross-institutional collaborations, our innovative researchers and Canada Research Chairs are influencing and advancing numerous fields of scientific study and contributing to a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

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Greg Weinrauch
Director of Advancement, Faculty of Science