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Securities & stock options

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Donating appreciated securities is simple, cost-effective and the most tax-efficient way to make a charitable gift.

You can make a charitable gift of securities by using any one of the following types: prescribed bonds, units of mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), shares, warrants and futures that are listed on the stock exchanges prescribed by Canada Revenue Agency.

Click here to download a securities form. 

Benefits to you

  • Capital gains income on securities that have been donated to charity are non-taxable - the entire donation amount results in a tax credit
  • Straightforward and easy to transfer: your broker can usually execute a transfer in one or two days
  • Your charitable tax receipt is equal to the mid-point trading value or closing value of your securities, whichever is higher, on the date the securities are received by SFU
  • The proceeds from your securities are directed to the area of your interest
  • You can deduct the entire gift in the current year or carry taxes credits forward for up to five years

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Stock options

Donations involving employee stock options in a public company can be one of the most tax efficient ways to make a donation.  

Normally, when stock options are exercised for personal gain, the difference between the stock's fair market value and its exercise price is considered a taxable employment benefit. This benefit is then taxed as a capital gain, such that 50% of the profit is counted as income; employers must withhold the required taxes on that amount, including EI and CPP.

However, charitable gifts arranged by donating stock options can result in a high value gift at low cost.

Benefits to you

  • Reduced cost of giving
  • Simple transaction
  • Maximized tax benefits

Illustration of tax savings

You have received stock options from your employer, a publicly traded company, which allows you to buy 1,000 shares of company stock for $3 per share, for a total cost of $3,000*.  The shares are currently trading at $8 per share (for a total of $8,000), such that the options have a capital gain of $5,000.  You donate the proceeds of sale to SFU.  

*The tax credit for charitable gifts over the threshold donation of $200 ranges between 43.7% and 53.3%. IN 2017, the rate in B.C. is 47.7% for net income over $200,000 and 43.7% for net income below $200,000.


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