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Young donor establishes student award in computing science

During his Bachelor's degree in Computing Science at SFU, Paul Vicol discovered a love of research. With scholarship and award support from SFU donors throughout his undergraduate years, he was able to pursue his research interests alongside his studies. His gratitude for this financial assistance was not soon forgotten.

Paul completed his Bachelor's degree in fall 2014 and began his Master's degree at SFU the very next term. Midway through, he decided to give back and make his first donation ever to an organization - he chose SFU. At the age of 23, he established the Paul Vicol Award in Computing Science Research as a way to inspire undergraduate students to pursue research and help alleviate some of their financial burden.

Paul believes in the importance of exposure to research early on in a student's career. Research promotes a greater appreciation for the way discoveries and inventions are made and also serves as a catalyst for pursuing higher education.

Paul completed his Master's at SFU and is currently working on his Ph.D. at the University of Toronto. He says, "if I've made one student's life better through this award, then I have achieved my goal."