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You help students achieve more...than ever expected

Rachel Warwick
“I genuinely feel that the community at SFU wants me to succeed. After everything I went through to get here, it means so much to have that support.”

Rachel spent three weeks this summer researching volcanoes in Terrace, B.C. - yes, we have volcanoes here! She had this incredible opportunity because our donors understand the value of gaining experience outside the classroom.

But wait, let's rewind a moment. Rachel's journey to SFU was not straightforward. She faced obstacle after obstacle, and the donor-funded scholarship she recently received was a well-deserved reward for a life of perseverance. 

Rachel had two open-heart surgeries before her third birthday. She wore a back brace due to scoliosis from age six to fourteen. As a young child, her parents were told that she might not graduate high school due to medical conditions that delayed her academic development. She grew up with permanent hearing loss and struggled with learning disabilities.

She overcame all of this setbacks and not only graduated high school, but was able to pursue a university degree at SFU. Here, Rachel discovered a passion for Earth Sciences, specifically natural hazards. Math and physics were never her strong subjects, but she's worked hard to maintain a strong GPA.

The scholarship Rachel received allowed her to work in the field in Terrace, studying a volcanic event. She's grateful to have practical experience that will give her a boost as she pursues a career in Earth Sciences.

You're part of the community that helped Rachel achieve more than anyone expected. Thank you for believing in our students.