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Teaching. Mentoring. Giving back.

Clagues giving story

I arrived at SFU in 1998 as the newly appointed Shrum Chair in Science. The university is the perfect place to teach and mentor students in the wonders of geology and to positively influence young people.

I feel a special connection to SFU—the university has provided a caring and supportive environment. The kindness I’ve received from staff and colleagues motivated me to give something back. My wife Lexi and I have decided to set aside part of our estate for students in the Faculty of Science.

The endowed fund will be named after Dr. William H. Mathews. Bill was one of Canada’s most esteemed geologists and was my PhD supervisor at UBC. When Lexi and I came to Canada in 1969, Bill and his family took us under their wings and without my knowing it at the time, Bill changed my life. What a difference one person can make.

Now at 68, I’m preparing for retirement, although somewhat reluctantly. I love SFU and will find the inevitable separation difficult. Nonetheless, I plan to continue my research and financial support for students. 

Lexi and I plan to ‘seed’ the W.H. Mathews Memorial Endowment Fund with a substantial gift later this year. No time like the present.

- John Clague, Professor, Department of Earth Sciences

John and Lexi want readers to know that their wills also include legacy gifts to Union Gospel Mission, Salvation Army, and Occidental College.