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Student embraces unexpected gift from donor

Emily Leaman, Maple Batalia vigil
"Going to university so far from home has been hard on my family...Maple's bursary means a lot to us. Thank you so much to the Batalias and all the donors who gave their support." - Emily Leaman

How are Emily and Maple connected? It will warm your heart.  

Emily Leaman recently graduated from the Faculty of Health Sciences and plans to apply to medical school in 2016. Maple Batalia was an SFU student and aspiring doctor – she died tragically more than four years ago.

After Maple’s death, the Batalia family honoured her memory by establishing the Maple Batalia Memorial Bursary in Health Sciences for students in financial need and with a history of community service. Emily Leaman has received this bursary three years in a row. At first, she sent the Batalias a thank you letter, then she met them in person, and now, three years later, she’s considered part of their family.  

Emily is from New Brunswick and Maple’s bursary, along with her relationship with the Batalias, has helped her feel more at home while being far away from family.

The Batalias support is so much more than money. For Emily, it provides the unexpected gift of comfort. 


Donate to the Maple Batalia Memorial Bursary here.