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Student calling campaign

Did you know that 78% of SFU donors are alumni? Each year, we reach out to alumni by phone, letter and email to ask for your support. We are constantly amazed by your generosity!

Many people have asked for more information about who is on the other end of the phone call. Our callers are all SFU students - many of them in their first few years of undergraduate studies. They are active in clubs on campus, volunteering in the community and, for most, this is their first real job.


When you receive your call from SFU students, please take a moment to chat, reminisce and find out first-hand how much your donation means to them and to everyone at the university. Thanks for taking the time!


Meet a few of our talented SFU student callers:


Name: Srashti
Studying: Economics
Hometown: Mumbai, India
Hobbies: roller hockey, volunteering with NGOs
Started with call centre: October 2017
"This is my first job. I started with the call centre after hearing great things about the team and the program from my friend who worked here last year. I'm looking forward to connecting with SFU alumni!"


Name: Noelle
Studying: Business
Hometown: Vancouver, B.C.
Hobbies: volunteering with environmental organizations, fair trade investor for SFU, working on campus radio - CJSF
Started at call centre: October 2016
"Early on, I had such a great conversation with an alumni donor that they were motivated to upgrade their gift from $10 to $2,500. I was blown away! Some calls can really make your day."


Name: Laura
Studying: Mathematics
Hometown: Durango, Mexico
Hobbies: knitting and painting
Started with call centre: October 2014
"As a math student working in abstracts all the time, I was told working in the call centre would help me develop my interpersonal skills. As a result, I landed an excellent co-op position in my second year with the B.C. Cancer Research Centre. I was so thankful to my supervisors and team that I treated the whole crew to pizza to say 'thanks!'"


Name: Tom
Studying: Business
Hometown: Burnaby, B.C.
Hobbies: working out at the SFU gym
Started with call centre: October 2017
"I've done some door-to-door sales and worked in fast food restaurants before, but this job is different - it's much easier to be motivated to work hard since it's for a good cause. I enjoy speaking with alumni, hearing them reflect on their time at SFU and developing rapport on the phone."


If you have any questions about the SFU call centre, please contact Junaid Khan at 778-782-9553 or jkhan@sfu.ca