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Student Calling Campaign

Student caller: Barkha

Our callers are all SFU students seeking part-time work to help make ends meet. Take a moment to chat, reminisce and find out first-hand how much your support means to our students. Thanks for taking the time!


Who's that on the phone?

Name: Barkha 

SFU profile: 3rd year, Psychology 

What do you like about the job? I love talking with alumni to find out their side of the story. Being a student, I sometimes think about what life will be like after graduating. This job allows me to find out what I should be doing and what I shouldn't. It’s like talking to a 100 new mentors every day! I also love giving back to the SFU community in my own little way. 

Interesting call?  My best memory was when I was talking to a recent graduate and he was really interested in donating. He decided to commit to giving monthly which totaled $1000/year. It was one of my first big gifts! What made it really memorable was how we had fun with the call. He asked me to quickly list 5 reasons to give (there are so many reasons, so that was easy!), then I did a drum roll and yelled out “Oh my gosh, $1,000!” That got everyone’s attention in the call centre, but it was worth it!


Name: Sahira

SFU profile: 4th year, Criminology

What do you like about the job? Getting the chance to connect with alumni and learn about their unique relationships with SFU is an incredible privilege. As a student, I'm constantly in awe of how many lives my school has impacted. Getting to do this in such a positive environment with such dedicated and friendly leaders is a huge bonus! 

Interesting call? Once, I was speaking with an alumni who told me she got married at SFU! Her time here was some of the best years of her life, and she met her husband here as well, so she felt that there was no better place to get married. She had so much to share with me about what made her time here special and as a student, it was so inspiring to hear how much SFU meant to her.



Please give a call or send an email to:

Junaid Khan

Manager, Annual Giving