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Single mother, high-achieving student: how does she do it?

By age 15, Rhiannon Tschirhart’s future seemed limited. Though not using herself, she was living transiently and immersed in a world of drugs and abuse; she couldn’t possibly see a life that included obtaining her post-secondary degree. Rhiannon, however, was convinced that there must be more for her than this. 
Enter baby. Rhiannon became a mom for the first time at age 19. Gazing upon her newborn daughter while in the hospital bed, she made a commitment to go back to school and provide a good life for them both.
Rhiannon approached her college studies with teenage-energy to spare and earned an academic achievement award while parenting her daughter and working part-time. Encouraged by her college professors, Rhiannon set her sights on an undergraduate degree at SFU.
Rhiannon is now a single mom to two daughters and is currently completing her Honours degree in Criminology and Psychology. She is incredibly grateful to SFU donors like Janis Horne who have provided support throughout her studies.
Rhiannon is determined to complete her education and find a career that will allow her to seek change in the corrections system by “facilitating successful rehabilitation of those I work with back into the community.” Once her daughters are a little older, Rhiannon also hopes to pursue her Master’s degree.
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