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SFU builds for the future

Student Union Building, Burnaby Campus.
Student Union Building, Burnaby Campus.

1. Transforming the learning environment

SFU is in the midst of a dynamic revitalization and expansion to improve and innovate the learning environment, enhance the campus experience and further our commitment to be Canada’s engaged university. These construction activities are a result of significant provincial funding, donor support and university investment and include more than 30 initiatives at all three campuses.

At SFU’s Surrey campus, we’re preparing future leaders to help build a greener world. Construction of the new $126 million Sustainable Energy Engineering building will be completed by December 2018, and interior outfitting will begin January 2019. With federal and provincial funding of $90 million and strong support from the City of Surrey, the building will be ready to accept students in the new Sustainable Energy Engineering program in Fall 2019. This will be Western Canada’s first interdisciplinary program preparing students for and helping position B.C. as a global leader in the burgeoning cleantech energy sector. The project is a key priority for SFU and additional funding opportunities are available for individuals and corporations.

2. Burnaby campus renewal

A number of enhancements were made this summer to improve the durability, usability and safety of our classrooms and public spaces, including the AQ, Convocation Mall, Education Building, Halpern, Strand Hall, Mackenzie Courtyard and the Residence Green Commons. SFU also broke ground on the first phase of new residences—part of the plan to double the number of student residences.

3. Students get involved

SFU students have stepped up to support renewal, committing $55 million for a new Student Union Building and $10 million for an athletic stadium on our Burnaby campus. The SUB, expected to be open in winter of 2018, will offer 100,000 square feet of student activity and study space. The stadium will create a home for Canada’s NCAA team, adding covered seating for approximately 1,800 people and other amenities at Terry Fox Field.

4. Planning the next 50 years

The university has initiated the creation of the SFU Burnaby 2065 Campus Master Plan. The plan will provide a renewed vision, design and policy framework to guide the evolution of Burnaby campus over the next 50 years and support SFU’s goals of creating a sustainable, world class academic and community experience. For more information, visit sfuburnaby2065.ca.