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Say hello to SFU student fundraisers

Arnaz Lalani (left), Kayla Tso (right)

If you’re an SFU alumnus or donor, you’ve likely received a phone call from one of the hardworking student fundraisers from the SFU Annual Giving Call Centre. The call centre connects with members of the SFU community to update contact information so we can keep in touch, thank donors for their generous support and share the university’s current activities and funding priorities with alumni. 

To put faces to some of the voices behind the calls, we caught up with two student fundraisers. Click on their names below to learn their stories:

Arnaz Lalani
Kayla Tso

We’re grateful for our call centre team and their efforts to raise money for causes ranging from campus-wide resources for student mental health to scholarships and bursaries. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, their work is as important as ever. This crisis has impacted all of our students in different ways—and our student fundraisers are no exception.