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New research aims to improve health care for cancer survivors

Cancer survivor
"I'm very passionate about the health system doing the very best it can for all British Columbians and indeed all Canadians. This means thinking not about one part of science, or one patient with one type of cancer, but how we do the best for the health of the whole community." - Dr. Stuart Peacock

It may be a family member. It may be a close friend. The reality is we’ve all been affected by cancer.  The statistic is staggering – more than 185,000 people in B.C. have survived some type of cancer. 

The new Leslie Diamond Chair in Cancer Survivorship represents a critical shift in cancer research as our population ages and more and more people survive the disease.  SFU has recently appointed the inaugural Chair – Dr. Stuart Peacock, who is currently the co-director of the Canadian Centre for Applied Research in Cancer Control. 

How can government balance fiscal resources with real-life patient needs?

Dr. Peacock brings a unique perspective to the Chair. He is an economist with a passion for meeting community health care needs. Dr. Peacock’s research focuses on improving the quality of life for cancer patients and survivors by providing effective cancer services within our health care system.

This new Chair was brought to life through the generosity of donors like you and an incredible $1Million gift from Gordon Diamond.  It’s a joint partnership between the BC Cancer Foundation, the BC Cancer Agency and SFU.  


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