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Scholars at Risk (SAR) arranges temporary academic positions at member universities and colleges, including SFU, to offer safety to scholars facing grave threats. Today, there is an urgent need to provide sanctuary and assistance to scholars at risk in Afghanistan. With your generous support, you can ensure that scholars facing immediate danger—such as wrongful imprisonment, prosecution and expulsion—are provided a safe space at SFU to continue their important work.
Funds Raised
$ 103,320
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Donation Impact

A donation to the SAR program will cover the scholars’ salary, benefits, professional development, research costs, books and conferences. It also prepares us to provide support in other critical ways—from mental health and health care services, to relocation costs and support for family members. We strive to keep administrative costs low so that your gift goes directly towards supporting our scholars and helping them settle into their new lives at SFU and in Canada.

Our goal is to raise $100,000 for each scholar's one-year term at SFU to meet the complex needs of their situation. Please make your donation today, and help ensure this transformative program is available to our colleagues in need of support.