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Our students need alumni support

You may be receiving a call from an SFU student - please take a moment to chat, reminisce and find out first-hand how much your help means to those who are struggling.

We've heard time and again how the current housing crisis has caused an enormous amount of financial stress. Higher rental costs have resulted in a lack of funds for other essentials such as food, tuition, transportation and textbooks.


"I'm one of the lucky ones, I found a suite for $800 a month, but I'm barely making ends meet," shares SFU student, Madisen Steele (pictured right).


As an alumnus, you understand better than anyone how important it is to stay healthy, positive and focused on your studies. That's why our students are reaching out to you. Please make a meaningful gift today and change the life of a student in need. 100% of your donation goes directly to student support.


Donate now to the Alumni Scholarship and Bursary Fund or give to the fund of your choice.  


Need to contact the call centre?

Junaid Khan

Manager, Annual Giving



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