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Student calling campaign

Did you know that 76% of SFU donors are alumni? Each year, we reach out to alumni by phone, letter and email to ask for your support. We are constantly amazed by your generosity!

Many people have asked for more information about who is on the other end of the phone call. Our callers are all SFU students - many of them in their first few years of undergraduate studies. They are active in clubs on campus, volunteering in the community and, for most, this is their first real job.

When you receive your call from SFU students, please take a moment to chat, reminisce and find out first-hand how much your donation means to them and to everyone at the university. Thanks for taking the time!


Meet a few of our talented SFU student callers:


ZsofiaName: Zsofia
Studying: Communications, 3rd year
Hometown: Port Moody, B.C.
Best part about calling alumni? Not only does she have a great time connecting with alumni over courses they have in common and how the campus has changed, but also appreciates hearing about what they've gone on to do after graduation. 


KellyName: Kelly
Studying: Political Science, 2nd year
Hometown: Cobble Hill, B.C.
Best part about working in the call centre? Not only is it a perfect place to develop skills, but she really enjoys being proactive in raising money for scholarships, bursaries and awards as she also relies on scholarships to help fund her education. Plus, it's always great hearing advice on what courses to take!


SanaaName: Sanaa
Studying: Business, 2nd year
Hometown: India
Best part about calling alumni? She loves that she has the opportunity to talk with alumni about their journey while attending SFU and gaining insight and guidance from those who are working in professions that she is interested in. 



If you have any questions about the SFU call centre, please contact Barkha Patel at 778-782-7250 or barkhap@sfu.ca