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Helping struggling students in meaningful ways

More SFU students than ever are facing challenges accessing healthy food. With rising costs of food and increasing financial instability, too often students survive on a substandard diet of noodles and rice—or skip meals entirely.

Donors to SFU play a critical role supporting struggling students through various SFU programs designed to deliver affordable food to the SFU community, make food more accessible and increase students’ skills for purchasing, preparing and using food. Programs include:

  • The SFU Food Pantry
  • The Food Bank Program
  • Emergency Grocery Card Program
  • SFU Community Free Fridge
  • ...and more!

SFU is grateful to all its partners helping to alleviate student hunger and provide students with the comfort and health of good food. At this time of giving, contributions to the SFU Food Security Fund will provide emergency grocery gift cards for undergraduate and graduates students in need.


“I appreciate that you understand the financial hardship of these days. Thank you for the gift card. They’ve been a life-saver to students.” - SFU student