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2018 DCLA recipients: Madhu and Hari Varshney

Madhu and Hari Varshney

Simon Fraser University is delighted to honour Madhu and Hari Varshney as our 2018 recipients of the President’s Distinguished Community Leadership Award. Learn more about this inspiring couple here.

Through their remarkable dedication to family life, business innovation and philanthropy, Madhu and Hari have made an extraordinary impact on citizens and communities in Canada and the developing world. Known for their steadfast commitment to each other and to following one’s dreams, this dynamic duo inspires others to give back, take risks and spread joy.

Together and through individual pursuits, Madhu and Hari actively champion education, health care, multiculturalism and the arts. They have helped build vital connections to further SFU’s engagement with India and the Indo-Canadian community, and support bringing world-class Indian scholars to SFU. The Varshneys have generously given time, expertise and funding to numerous organizations in BC.

In addition, Varshney Capital Corp.’s annual family and staff-run charity golf tournament raised more than $1 million for local children’s charities—one of many examples of the community-minded spirit that Hari and Madhu have instilled in their children and grandchildren.

The Varshneys have been honoured with various awards bestowed to recognize a life dedicated to both business and community service, including an Order of BC to Mr. Varshney.



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